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I just want to put this out there that I am not a critic just a girl finding her way in this new world of burlesque. I try to be gentle with my opinions and do really love all of the effort these women put into show productions. Along with all of the male and female performers out there I do respect all of you and look up to each and everyone of you. So please, if you happen to be one of these great people reading my blog and for some reason you don't like what I have written please talk with me so we can settle our differences if there are any. Thank You!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going through the Handbook

Honestly until I started this adventure I would have never gathered there was a handbook out there to read and learn from. Granted this isn't a text book, but it's great. My favorite so far is the forward by Margret Cho. I'm gonna post a section from her forward that screamed at me while reading it. She says all the things I want to tell the world about how I'm feeling about what I'm doing.

"After seeing my first burlesque show, I was obsessed with trying it myself. It wasn't so much that I had such an exhibitionist streak in me-it was more that I was seeking to silence the constant drone of self-hatred that ran on in my head. Even though I had talked a lot about the importance of self-acceptance and self- esteem in my work, I hadn't found total peace with myself or body. There was always something I wanted to fix or change, and my weight was always the focal point of my happiness . However, when I would see a dancer who was larger than me be beautiful and happy and perfect in the moment of her lovingly choreographed routine, wearing an outrageous costume, then taking it off-I felt a freedom within myself that was unparalleled. I saw that happiness didn't have to be a smaller size; it was an attitude.i didn't have to diet, I just had to put on pasties! What a revelation! I realized that feeling beautiful had power and political potential."
                                -Margaret Cho forward in  The Burlesque Handbook by Jo Wheldon

Honestly after reading that aloud to my hubby on the road trip home from California I felt lifted in such a fantastic way. I got super excited and was telling him how what she just said is what I feel. He was all smiles for me telling that he was so happy that this was making me feel this way.

I am really learning to love myself for the first time in a very long time.

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