Kind Warning

I just want to put this out there that I am not a critic just a girl finding her way in this new world of burlesque. I try to be gentle with my opinions and do really love all of the effort these women put into show productions. Along with all of the male and female performers out there I do respect all of you and look up to each and everyone of you. So please, if you happen to be one of these great people reading my blog and for some reason you don't like what I have written please talk with me so we can settle our differences if there are any. Thank You!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

BHOF Cherry Poppin

So it has been almost a month since BHOF and I am still missing the glittertastic group of people I was able to be around for several days. Now in 2013 I was able to attend one night and it was the last night of shows, All Stars and Icons, but this year I was able to attend every fucking thing for the weekend. Let me just put up a schedule here of what happens.

FYI there are going to be a damn lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!! 

4 nights of shows
4 after parties
bowling event
pool party
educational classes
shimmy shuttle to museum
vendor hall

This isn't really in any order, but I'm sure you all can see it is a weekend of awesomeness. Each night was something different when it came to shows and each night I was mesmerized it was hard not to be excited over everything. It's been a month and the numbers that still hold a special spot in my memory are from Rubenesque burlesque from the first night, Holiday O'Hara from the second night along with Fannie Annie and Grabrielle Maze on night two, Midnight Martini, Ruby Revue, Eddie Van Glam, Kitten n Lou, Jeez Louez, Aurora Galore,  and in all honesty it's hard to just pick a few from the competition because I was constantly in awe. And on the last night OH MY GOD the last night we had Perle Noire and Trixie Little and Evil Hate Monkey, Tigger, and Foxy Tann ant the Wham Bam Thank you ma'ams. Seriously I was on performance high the whole weekend and it was a huge boost to the creative part of my brain.

And if anyone has ever told you that the performers who have made a name for their selves are nice they weren't kidding!!!!! I get super nervous and I started freaking out to a point where I don't know if I should talk to them, but luckily I had one of my girls May Blush as my side kick pushing me to talk to those I adored. I spoke with several legends, who all by the way are the sweetest ladies I have ever met. Tony Eling called me risqué and she sounds so damn adorable when saying it!!! Holiday O'hara about made me cry and Fannie Annie made me laugh with all her sass. As for performers there weren't many that I went out seeking accept Trixie and Monkey and can I just say I was so happy and nervous that I am sure each time I spoke to them I sounded like an idiot, but the best part about them is that my friend Anita Brassiere had them sign shot glasses for me during their tech rehearsal (I swoon over her always my Anita).Trixie was so excited and full of life when we spoke briefly and I even said I have a number that is a mixture of them. Monkey is actually quiet off stage, can I just say I love when they are the opposite of what their act is, and he was super sweet too. Jeez Louez was super awesome and she is so tiny. You know I forget that we are human sometimes because if you saw her perform she is bigger than life on stage. JL also just happened to be a performer a friend adored so I made sure to tell her I knew who she was because of Melons Collie. The other duo I am in love with due to Melons are the fabulous Kitten n Lou. They had the most amazing outfits the entire weekend. And they were gracious enough to take pictures with me each freaking time too!!!! I adore them and wish I lived any where remotely close to them because I would love mentorship from them any day. I even told them I was available to adopt and I would be their poodle( It's a World famous Bob comment).The last major performer I had the guts to talk to was Perle Noire. Oh my sweet baby jeebus this woman is a force of amazing, humble, sweet, and power all rolled into one. I only spoke with her for a very brief moment but she is the most amazing woman to watch on stage, she owned that shit while up there and to me she was like an entire Broadway production in a single body. I can feel myself freaking out inside about all these people all over again as I write and it feels great!!!!

So as for the weekend I had bought a ticket for classes and the shimmy shuttle, but to be honest I cuddled with my local family a lot that weekend. I had been "out" of the scene for a few months and had been missing everyone terrbly. So instead I curled up in beds, got smothered by boobs, smacked a few asses, and just talked. I never just talk with many of the local fambam. we are always in a performance environment so I have many people I love that I have not had the chance to get to know on a personal level. That changed a bit over this weekend and I am so damn grateful for it. My money still went to a good cause ( well my hubs money ;) love you baby with all my heart) and that is what really matters, though I could have learned a lot. As you can see I am still a bit torn about it. Over all it was a great weekend knowing my Vegas family a little better.

The after parties!!!!!! These were so much fun. It's kinda like going to a gay bar and dancing your heart out. I was surrounded by so many people I didn't know and we loved dancing and being goofy with each other. I didn't feel like I was being judged and I even came home with many boob pictures on my phone each night from my Vegas peeps. I drank and didn't feel the need to be trashed, though trashed is okay too. I met people I can't remember (sorry) and left with a few I never want to forget. Those nights were great and I feel so lucky to have had them.

Before I forget can I please take a moment to talk about Ray Gunn's butt?!?! He is so damn adorable and when I saw him walking through the casino I wasn't exactly sure if it was him or not I was talking about how I wanted to touch his butt. Then later that night when I was feeling a little flushed from dancing and drinking I saw him at the food court and told him how I wanted to touch his butt, and HE LET ME!!!!!! I also got in on a picture with him as well since my girl Vivi Vegas started it. He is super sweet and has a dance background!! Anyway that is all his butt is amazing and he is super sweet.

Now time to be serious about the classes and shuttle so you know what they are. Burly on offers finishing classes every year at BHOF. They are classes offered by legends and a few panel talks. When I originally bought my ticket I was so excited to have the chance to learning styles and basics from so many I look up too. Exhaustion won during the day on the weekend though. The shimmy shuttle was a bus that took people from the hotel to the museum. I've been to the museum before but I wanted the interaction with other performers. Again exhaustion won. But if you are going to BHOF and you don't get the chance to go to something like Burlycon take advantage of these classes it's like having the chance to go to a mini Burlycon. Also no matter how often you have been to the museum going with other performers is great. Many usually will have their own stories to share about performers and legends.

Did I mention you get to shop? They have a vendor hall filled with people selling specifically to burly peeps. It was great I personally fell in love with Booty and the Geek shorts. I bought two pairs and want about 6 more if I could have afforded it. There were so many awesome things. I even met I diego Blue from Seattle without realizing it. And this just happens to be the place where you can find legends selling signed photos!!!!!!!

The last two events that happened were the pool party and the bowling. The bowling event was a hoot to watch and I really want to be sure to sign up next year. No one really cares about the actual bowling but more the costumes and themes people come up with. The pool party is on Sunday where most people with hang overs would eventually walk down looking stunning and handsome in their bathing suits have a few drinks and watch a fashion show. Seeing some of the ladies in their perfect outfits with perfect hair was great. During pool time there was a poker tournament for BHOF and that's where my hubs went and he was the big WINNER!! 

As you can tell this weekend is amazing filled with so. Much inspiration, love, and acceptance you can't help but become obsessed.

Glitter on lovelies!!!! And if you go next year come hunt me down.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Las Vegas and out laws

So this was a post that I had put together a couple of months ago after we were on the verge of a fight with the city. Since writing this we have some what solved our differences. But I wanted this up here anyway. So enjoy my angry rant peeps!!

So we all know I am a new performer and this was something I started to build my self esteem up and to finally be happy with me the way I am. Well recently the burlesque community has been under attack by our lovely law makers over what we wear and show while performing.

We have begun the fight of under boo and ass cheeks!!!!!!!

People I live in the city of Sin. where if  I ever wanted to I could at any time become a stripper wearing nothing more then a tiny ass g-string. Now I have known some amazing strippers who have worked their asses off and have done some awesome things with the money they bring in and those who spend it all on their kids. So I have absolutely no beef with strippers so please do not take this as if I do.

I am a born native of this town I have always held with the warmest of love, but right now I want to get into my cities head and go "What the hell are you doing?" WE ARE LAS VEGAS FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!! I was the child who grew up seeing the ass for a show girl and thought nothing of it. Our city which makes a good portion of the states revenue is made up of what people don't see around the world. People come here specifically for the debauchery. By this I mean the gambling, the barely dressed women, and if we like it or not the drugs and hookers too. We are the only state that has brothels and I commend us for having legal brothels because people enter that profession of their own accord. I digress though this whole thing is about what my damn city is doing. We have a drug problems and and illegal prostitution running in our county that goes on and they can't seem to get a handle on it. Personally I have known several escorts though out my life that worked quit easily here in this city and made really good money from it as well. And if you have lived in this city long enough and either frequent or work in casinos you can spot any level of prostitute in the place. Now of course this is coming from a born native and I am not putting any fact sheets with this so don't get your panties in a bunch Las Vegas you will see where I am going with this in a moment along with everyone else.

I'm sure you can all see that our past motto of "What's happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" was so fitting. As far as I know Burlesque has been in this city for over a decade since the boom of neo brought it back. But if you look at our history of headliners on the strip you will see Burlesque has deep roots here. As a new performer I am fucking proud of this history and giggle with glee when ever I see a legend who has been living here and performing here for many years.We also happen to have that one place...what was it called again....OH YA THE BURLESQUE HALL OF FAME MUSEUM!!!!!!! It was established years before it called us home but it was stayed for good back in 2010. Along with this we have the most amazing weekend every year the benefit weekend for the museum known as the BHOF Weekender. The weekender has been going on in Las Vegas since 2006 starting at the celebrity Theatre. 2008 at the Palms, the Plaza and the Orleans. The only location where the latest ridiculousness happened at was the Palms.

What is the Ridiculousness I am talking about you may be asking yourself? Well it just happens after 4 years of having absolutely phenomenal shows Live Burlesque was told by our happy home that they are no longer allowed to shoe UNDER BOOB!!!!!! And get this was aren't allowed to show our ASS CHEEKS either!!!!!!!

PLEASE reread the above section again I'll wait......

Okay now that we all see what the problem is let's continue with our current issue. Now this became an issue just recently The location we have been all either performing at or actively being audience members at was given an inspection and was told that one of the issues made it illegal for any performer in Live Burlesque in Las Vegas to perform the way we have been for the past four years.

Below or terms outlined when it comes to dancers and establishements

6.35.040 Prima facie evidence of erotic dance establishment.permanent link to this piece of content

It shall be prima facie evidence that a business is an erotic dance establishment when one or more dancers displays or exposes, with less than a full opaque covering, that portion of the female breast lower than the upper edge of the areola, or entices or persuades a patron to purchase a beverage sold in the establishment.

6.35.030 Definitions.permanent link to this piece of content

In this Chapter the following definitions and those in Title 6 shall apply unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

"Dancer" means a person who dances, models, personally solicits drinks or otherwise performs for an erotic dance establishment and who seeks to arouse or excite the patrons' sexual desires.

"Erotic dance establishment" means a fixed place of business which emphasizes and seeks, through one or more dancers entertainers, to arouse or excite the patrons' sexual desires. Erotic dance establishments are deemed to be places of public accommodation.

"Security guard" means a person who acts as a doorman or bouncer or who performs a function described in NRS 648.016

And now here are your establishment definitions

6.35.010 Findings.permanent link to this piece of content

The Las Vegas City Council finds that:

Erotic dance establishments, if unregulated, will likely lead to an increase in prostitution, venereal disease, drug and alcohol offenses, fraud and other criminal activity;
Erotic dance establishments sometimes are fronts for or operated by persons associated with organized criminal activities, and the need to scrutinize such dance studios is thereby enhanced;
The law enforcement resources available for responding to problems associated with or created by erotic dance establishments are limited and are best conserved by regulating and licensing erotic dance establishments and those associated with them; and
The public health, safety and welfare require that erotic dance establishments and their employees be regulated and licensed in order to reduce the potential for harm.
(Ord. 3916 § 2 (part), 1995)
6.35.020 Purpose.permanent link to this piece of content

The purpose of this Chapter is to regulate erotic dance establishments to the end that the many types of criminal activities frequently engendered by such establishments will be curtailed. However, it is recognized that such regulation cannot de facto approach prohibition. Otherwise a protected form of expression would vanish. This Chapter represents a balancing of competing interests: reduced criminal activity through the regulation of erotic dance establishments versus the protected rights of erotic dancers and patrons.

Can I just say non of us are prostitutes and nothing we do is going to being a rise in venereal deisease. Can I alos point out that non of us are trying to turn people on. Personally I am a joker who like to be comedic or if anything I would rather make someone slightly uncomfortable, but never turned on. Also I have never bee nto a show where anyone has attempted to solicit drinks I would never want to do that either and frankly it would freak me out if it happened. Now where do lines start getting blurred in how this is becoming a personal attack in my opinion or just a way to start forcing people to empty their pockets for unnecessary licenses for small neighborhood bars and other establishments that we have had the chance to perform in? Well what bests tells all are pics so here are a few.

Courtesy of their facebook page this beauty has been controversy since they first started posting it all over the valley on billboards, but I didn't see it disappear when it made news headlines. 
 And what about this great set of asses that have been on billboards and they just happen to be bronzed!!!
  Oh and these bad boys!!! We will put these with the group of catalogs of strippers and what I like to call the click clack cards that are passed out on the strip every single day. If you have ever gotten a card while walking around or decided to see what was in the magazine they use simple tiny stars to cover a spread leg woman and at times the smallest stars they can use to cover the nipple only not even the areola. 

The examples could flood this page of how so many businesses are aloud to show these parts but Heavens forbid that a small group of burlesque performers who like to get a laugh out of people from time to time show their under boob and ass cheeks. this is a fight I plan on being a part of and will probably write about several more times before I have thoroughly annoyed everyone who reads this blog. 

Definitely not sorry and glitter on bitches with all your under boob glory and fabulous ass cheeks.