Kind Warning

I just want to put this out there that I am not a critic just a girl finding her way in this new world of burlesque. I try to be gentle with my opinions and do really love all of the effort these women put into show productions. Along with all of the male and female performers out there I do respect all of you and look up to each and everyone of you. So please, if you happen to be one of these great people reading my blog and for some reason you don't like what I have written please talk with me so we can settle our differences if there are any. Thank You!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Figuring Festivals out

I just want to start out with... this is the third time I am trying this out cause my pad crapped out on me in the middle of me writing it and it didn't save :(

So over a month ago I decided to apply for my first festival. Let me tell you these applications are no freaking joke peeps. When I filled it out I had no idea what I was having to fill out. At first glance I started freaking out, but decided why the hell not and did the best I could. I went for one close to home since I didn't want to try for something across the country. So I applied for the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. If you are anywhere near them go to their event I keep seeing those who re getting in, including a few Vegas peeps as well.

As a new performer I was not ready for all the items they were asking for, but did as good as I could for the moment. Now let me say that when I filled out the application I knew as I was going through it that I wasn't going to get in. I knew this because one I had performed my number at that point twice and as I learned quickly I didn't have most of what they needed.

So now that everything is all said let me point out items for all you burlesquers who may want to apply for a festival and have no clue what the hell is going on.

Research festivals and what they are about before ever thinking of applying for one. Know the dates and don't stress if it doesn't work out in your favor. There are festivals going on all over the place just smile and try again. Getting denied to a festival isn't the end of the world it just means work harder and try again.

All righty all the things to realize before applying for a festival. I apologize now if I forget anything.

  • First there is a fee. Nothing big just enough to cover whatever they need to cover in the process.
  • If you enter a festival DO NOT go into it thinking about money. This is a way for you to get your name out there and meet new faces. In my humble opinion unless you're so well known around the world and have done this for many many years you should be doing this for the art not the cash.
  • Give them at least a month to get back to you about your application. This isn't an easy process and sometimes they end up with a shit ton of applicants, that's a lot of videos to go through.
  • The video you send in should be professionally done. Make sure you have a video that has good sound, good lighting, and doesn't miss any of your number. I sent the only video I had at the time and the lighting wasn't good and there was a section of my number that you couldn't see. So it is better to have a good video than an ok one.
  • Get professional photos taken. If you are as lucky as we are in our community in Vegas you should know a ton of photographers who are willing to help a sister/brother out and give you a discount. We all know that we aren't swimming in cash so anyone willing to assist deserves a big kiss for doing so. Also your photos for festivals are used for programs, social media, and anything else they may need for the festival.
  • Do your social media. I've known plenty of people who are hesitant when it comes to this part. None of us want to deal with weirdo's and some are fearful for their jobs. You would be surprised how helpful this is to have. Festivals want to have the ability to promote you so having a social media site assists with that. It also allows for them to check you out and see what kind of performer you are. This means, a word to the wise, don't post emotional crap online and don't start fights with other performers through social media it is petty and childish. This also means once you have yourself established and feel that you want to take your performance to the next level think about putting together a website. This way you can link your music to your site and all your videos, accomplishments, and photos as well. DO NOT put shitty videos from someones phone on your site it doesn't look good at all.
  • Know what type of performance you are giving. I know this may sound weird, but it is something to think about. Is it a classic burlesque number, Neo-burlesque, shimmy and shakes, bumps and grinds? You will need to give a quick description of what your number is. Honestly I had no idea what mine was until I was forced  to think about it.
  • Know the difference between a bio and an introduction. I am now learning this due to getting into another festival that is coming up. I ended up getting help from a mentor of mine. Bios are what are read in the programs and websites. They can be a bit personal if you want. An intro is what the Emcee says before you go on. No one wants to hear the 100 things that you will be doing or your life story. So be creative about this and have fun. I may have to post the info a friend wrote about dealing with all this in the near future. She is a wise woman.
  • Tag lines!!! This isn't a necessary thing to have but can be fun. Research other performers and like you should have done with your name make sure you aren't mimicking another performers tag line. It's all about respect for everyone remember that. My tag line is the "Naughty Nerd of Burlesque." This gives people many things to think about like "are we getting to see the stereotype nerd number?" " what kind of nerd are we talking about?" Now for me it's all about the fact that I am a huge geek (nerd rhymed) so I love this culture and it is my life outside of burlesque so why not.
  • And again remember it isn't the end of your life if you don't get in. You are good enough and as long as you are still loving what you are doing don't give up.
  • If you want to know even more you should read this blog post and you will be educated far more than what I just put out. :)
Yay hope you enjoyed it!!!!

Feeling like a teenage dancer all over again

So many may not know I grew up dancing. I was classically trained in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and modern. I also did hip hop, belly dance, and a little of Irish step dancing. In my early 20's I competed in Scottish highland dance as well. 

Holy fuck that's a lot to tell. I never go into how much dance background I actually have with any performer because it makes me feel like I'm showing off. In reality I am far from that girl anymore. I rebelled in my late twenties and started tattooing myself instead. Where I came from I was the stocky short girl who never had the body type that was needed to be picked in an audition. So to say the least auditioning for anything makes me incredibly nervous. Now coming from my background I tend to get very serious in auditions, size up the competition and begin telling myself how I'm gonna fail. Yes my self confidence is in the hole I know.

Now to the real story.

A few weeks back I saw a post on the main group page for burlesque in Vegas about an audition for 4 performers to be reindeer in an Xmas show. First glance I got excited, than I began thinking so I was not about it, than a friend said she was going so I decided to do it as well. Being new I still doubt my abilities from time to time. Now if you know anything about me when I'm nervous I play with my bangs none stop....I mean I don't stop and by the end they are plastered to my forehead. So here I am in this audition and there is only one performer I am intimidated by so I focus hard on what im doing. 

The choreography was fun and the concept the choreographer has is really cute. So I do my best, with a bum ankle as well. And hope that I am one of those cute little reindeer. I did get to audition with some great people though so that part did end up being really fun. Now when I get home I explain to the hubs how if she goes for a look I'm probably not on that list. But if I did get picked and wasn't part of the look I would beg to have a gingerbread cookie in my mouth as we went on. I don't deny I'm a bigger girl I actually love me for once since I've started this journey so why not play on it? 

But low and behold I was not the only big girl picked....I'm actually a little disappointed I can't be the chubby girl eating food while dancing. 

So now I will be a stripping reindeer this December!!!!!

I guess all the dance my mom paid for all those years ago are finally paying off. Lucky for me she is proud she has a stripping daughter. I'll have to post a pic of that little old lady soon.

Journeying through a galaxy of rhinestones baby!!!!

Busy busy busy has taken off recently. Since my showcase I have been performing my one number around my fabulous city. It's been a great ride so far. I even have a concept for another number thanks to Sugar Shagmore. I even was asked to perform a group number for a show inside a major hotel/casino, the Mandalay Bay inside the foundation room. I have met some new people who warm my heart with glittery joy. The latest is I became a part of the first ever Las Vegas Burlesque Festival!!!!!!!

So yes life has been crazy busy for me. I'm loving every minute of it too. Performing has been amazing because I have started sharing a stage with some amazing performers that I am now getting to know. In the mists of it all I was able to be a part of a number that allowed me to now know Sugar and May Blush as well, I love all our drag names. Anyways, because of that performance we are now looking to expand it and try and get it into a festival!!!! Also I auditioned to be a reindeer for an Xmas burlesque show and I got it!!!!! So I will be doing that in December. 

The festival is going great. We have a great venue downtown. The Plaza is an older hotel that screams old Vegas and we have  the privilege of being in their show room for two nights of the festival. The first night is at our usual spot the Boom Boom room at Boomer's Bar. I had the opportunity to perform there for the first time this past weekend and let me say it was amazing. So three nights of great performers taking their clothes off is gonna be amazing!! 

I've only been a part of it for a short period of time, thanks to my girl Kiki, and couldn't be more excited about it. I can't wait until next year so I can do more for the festival. This being our first year doing all of this has been a great learning experience for me to see what really goes into making a production happen. It isn't easy ladies and gents let me tell you now. 

So to say the least today I am cramming out a bunch of posts today to make up for the lack of info I've put up.

Cheers to titties and glitter!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My own personal guilt

Okay I am putting it out there cause it is an emotion I don't live without sometimes. I am the person who wants every person I know to succeed. Especially in burlesque. I love all of my girls and want to see all of us do well. On the other hand too I know I work very hard to gain what I have gained so far as well. And when I have been picked without doing anything first I work twice as hard to make sure that I don't fuck up the opportunity I was given. So in the end I know I deserve what I have been given and the shows I am in.

So back to the guilt. I hate when something has come up for me that others don't get. At times I feel like I should tell people no thank you so that my friends can gain a chance at doing something. I don't want to cheat myself at what I love, but I don't want others to get upset either. I also know that there are plenty of other shows and future festivals that I will not get into as well.

The whole process just makes me sick sometimes. I don't want to be hated and I want their success just as much as my own. I don't ever wish badly on anyone and am their biggest supporters too. In the end it is a feeling I bring upon myself most days.

My advice to others about this. Support everyone and take your own success or failure with strides. Just be proud you are part of a community that is a ton of fun and filled with super sexy people.

Bourbon Bombshells and Burlesque

So on the strip the word Burlesque gets thrown around all the time. And really they don't have any real burlesque in their show. This past Thursday there was a 100% authentic show at the Mandalay Bay in the foundation room. I have never set foot into the location prior to that evening.

So the Foundation room is above the 62nd floor of the hotel. And it faces the strip so the view is amazing. The show was produced by a fellow performer in Vegas named bourbon Rose in conjunction with the private club. the performers were some of the best here in Vegas, including my crush Billy boylesque. I was privileged enough to play a small part in the evening with a few other pretty ladies. We were the preshow entertainment that night. There were four of us dancing for thirty minutes swapping stage time and at the end of our time we did a three person can can number. We rocked it!!!!!!

the show overall was great the atmosphere was really cool, they had themed drinks, yummy appetizers,  and just overall was great.

I spoke to Billy a few times and introduced myself to his husband. They are too cute!

Billy is so freaking pretty!!!!!
the woman in yellow is Sugar Shagmore and she was the one who came up with the concept and allowed May Blush and I to be a part of this great night.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting shit ready!!!!

So this month I have a few different performances. And let me tell you they are kicking my ass. I got involved in being a dancer for a preshow and there is a choreographed routine that is very close to being traditional can can. Let me say I have been hurting since I learned it. I get the chance this month to do my number twice. Once in Nerdlesque and once in Live Burlesque in Las Vegas!!!! I'm excited for the chance to be in both of these shows. It does mean my ass needs to practice, practice, practice.

Wanting to look good for performances is hard damn work people. I don't want to embarrass myself or make the producers of these shows regret choosing me to be in their shows either. So practice it is!!!

On another note I get to see some of my friends perform this month as well. It's exciting to know that I'm starting to go to shows to see my girls perform or just to hang out with them. It's funny how I wanted to know the lovely performers I saw monthly so bad for so long. And now when I go to a show I talk and hug and squeeze hands with many of those performers now. It makes me so happy to know these women now. At the last show I was at our own Blanche DeBris knew my name!!! I know my name is one that sticks with you but I don't think I have said more then 10 words to her and she knew my name!!!! She is on my A-list of the Vegas community of burlesque personalities. So far me and the A-list people just make me smile like a kid and not know,what to say. Which after saying yes I'm Chastity is exactly what I did with Blanche.

Life is grand in the burlesque world.