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I just want to put this out there that I am not a critic just a girl finding her way in this new world of burlesque. I try to be gentle with my opinions and do really love all of the effort these women put into show productions. Along with all of the male and female performers out there I do respect all of you and look up to each and everyone of you. So please, if you happen to be one of these great people reading my blog and for some reason you don't like what I have written please talk with me so we can settle our differences if there are any. Thank You!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My own personal guilt

Okay I am putting it out there cause it is an emotion I don't live without sometimes. I am the person who wants every person I know to succeed. Especially in burlesque. I love all of my girls and want to see all of us do well. On the other hand too I know I work very hard to gain what I have gained so far as well. And when I have been picked without doing anything first I work twice as hard to make sure that I don't fuck up the opportunity I was given. So in the end I know I deserve what I have been given and the shows I am in.

So back to the guilt. I hate when something has come up for me that others don't get. At times I feel like I should tell people no thank you so that my friends can gain a chance at doing something. I don't want to cheat myself at what I love, but I don't want others to get upset either. I also know that there are plenty of other shows and future festivals that I will not get into as well.

The whole process just makes me sick sometimes. I don't want to be hated and I want their success just as much as my own. I don't ever wish badly on anyone and am their biggest supporters too. In the end it is a feeling I bring upon myself most days.

My advice to others about this. Support everyone and take your own success or failure with strides. Just be proud you are part of a community that is a ton of fun and filled with super sexy people.

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