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I just want to put this out there that I am not a critic just a girl finding her way in this new world of burlesque. I try to be gentle with my opinions and do really love all of the effort these women put into show productions. Along with all of the male and female performers out there I do respect all of you and look up to each and everyone of you. So please, if you happen to be one of these great people reading my blog and for some reason you don't like what I have written please talk with me so we can settle our differences if there are any. Thank You!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Talking with another noobie and all the faces!

First let me explain why I spell noob ice the way I do. I am first and foremost a nerd. When a new person who isn't as experienced as you gets into a game we dub the noobs. So I mesh my nerd self I to my burlesque self, got it? Okay good.

Onto the real point!!!!!!

So to help as a community it's member I clean the local burlesque studio on the weekends. I do it mainly because I want to help. Now yesterday I was met there by another burly peep who also helps the studio by doing social media. She wanted to take pics of me cleaning so me can post stupid shit like "look at our burly bitch clean" or something.  Any how's, she also runs a pretty cool blog about traveling and she recently started reading mine, yay me, and we got to talking.

Talking about faces, big scary music rises in the background while we begin our feelings, hah j/k. I said how I always look like I'm taking a dump when ever I try and do a sexy face and she said she looked special any time she did as well. I have even heard another friend tell me she was going back to just being cute after her current number because she can't pull sexy off very well.

What the fuck universe why does sexy face have to be so damn hard for some of us. We live in this age where technology keeps us always taking selfies and sending them to someone or for the lucky ones taking a provocative photo and sending it out. I began to think of how fucking dumb I would look if I tried to hike my short ass onto a bathroom counter and take some sexy pic of myself for another human. I mean really, I would look like I'm pooping in the sink. This is how I still feel about fucking sex face in burlesque and it's been almost a year damn it!!

I had a mentor once say that if it wasn't natural for you, you could train your face as if it were choreography and that it worked well. Tried that shit and in the end still look like I haven't pooped in days and it's getting close. It just feels ridiculous to contort my face in a way that it just doesn't want to go.  I've tried several times over the years and it has never worked. I had a boyfriend once who was trying to take sexy pics of me in my halloween costume and he was getting annoyed with me, because he would say "make a sexy face baby" and it would just look like I was staring off into lala land.

So my fellow noob and I sat laughing about how ridiculous we look trying to be sexy. It has made me realize though that my sexy shows through in my outrageous personality and the new found confidence I have. The faces I make help you smile back at me while on stage and in the end that's all that matters to me.

So glitter on bitches and if you make better sex face then me I just might make a fucked up goofy face at you one day ;-P

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