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I just want to put this out there that I am not a critic just a girl finding her way in this new world of burlesque. I try to be gentle with my opinions and do really love all of the effort these women put into show productions. Along with all of the male and female performers out there I do respect all of you and look up to each and everyone of you. So please, if you happen to be one of these great people reading my blog and for some reason you don't like what I have written please talk with me so we can settle our differences if there are any. Thank You!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crazy Ass Two Weeks!!!!!!!

So I have been MIA for the last two weeks. Let me tell you how glad I am to be back on here finally and in silence. Spent the last two weeks dealing with family visiting. My Mother in-law and her husband can be a lot to handle though she is only doing it with kindness in her heart. And I am getting ready for another week with my little brother before he goes to Alaska. to say the least my life has not really been mine recently.

The thing I didn't take away from myself were my classes. I didn't miss lovely Lou Lou's classes on Mondays. Which since we are on Monday night classes I am feeling great about being in there now. Before I felt embarrassed and even doubted myself a little in the beginning. Now I go in and I feel great the whole time. Last week one of the girls from my Wednesday class joined and I loved having her around and we both just felt sexy. Lou Lou has been great for my confidence I couldn't have asked for such a nice person to be the teacher I was first introduced too.

The other was my Wednesday classes. Can't miss those cause how am I supposed to learn to be amazing if I'm not there. Now as for how Wednesdays are going  lets just say it is a healing place. I have made two friends already. They are both great girls who are in it for similar reasons as myself. to sit in class and have the ability to talk to others and smile at them while we are listening is great!!! Also it has been years since I have more then one female friend at a time since I get along with guys better. These are my girls I love them. One of the girls always says she feels she has found her people and we are sisters.
         As for class it's self we are already going into week 4 this Wednesday  I feel like it is coming up so quickly and that seems a little scary. We also have given our names, concept and songs to Cha Cha. Granted I have done a lot of the homework already and am half way through my choreography, but it's coming quick. Also Last week we worked on moving in heels and faces. Again I had this moment of FUCKING FACES!!!!! I felt so nervous about having an internal conversation about how my face is the sexiest face. Having to get myself into a state of mind where I do actually believe what I am saying to myself isn't easy. There are girls in my class who are so fucking beautiful and I know I don't fit into the same category as they do. I really do have to fake till I make it. One day I will be sexy in my own eyes until then this sex talk to my self has me going a bit crazy.

During Class 2 Cha Cha talked a lot about what she felt was acceptable and what isn't when it comes to performing.There happened to be three different show going on that week. She suggested that we go to all of them and see the difference between shows and performers. The first night was a show I go to every month twisted Cherry Burlesque. I love this show, because of the diversity of performers. You have performers who are seasoned and those who are new to the scene. It also happens to be the show that my Girl Jeffery Xerxes Brice is in. So it's good to see the different levels through out the show. The next night We went to Rag Tag Revue. this was a first time show and they had a lot of issues like the Mic going out. One of my favorite performers was in it and she happened to be the Producer as well Porcelain Vanity. The third was Gorgeous Grindhouse Girls. this was a great revue though you had to stand the whole time. over all all three shows had great and not so great performances, MC's for two of them we magnificent, and overall I had a great time while learning things.  Going to these shows was awesome too cause I went with my new girl Lottie Las Vegas all three nights, My Hubby was at two of them, and two of them I spent with another of my new girls Melons Coly. Having my Hubby there with me has been great and so much fun. He is even getting into it when his hollering and stuff. I like having him there a lot.

I know I haven't been here for a bit, but I am still diving into the community like no tomorrow.

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